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Investment Philosophy

We have a firmly established investment philosophy that is applied across our global platform.  Our investment approach is guided by the following key principles:

  • Target investments that are expected to deliver returns greater than their implied risk.
  • Remain client-focused by building and maintaining infrastructure portfolios that are designed to meet client objectives.
  • Source infrastructure investment opportunities that can meet our clients' needs by applying a flexible approach to investment origination, including:
    - Determining a specific acquisition strategy for each infrastructure investment opportunity, and
    - Drawing on our wide network of industry, adviser and investor relationships

  • Seek to manage risk at all key stages of investment:
    - Asset origination/acquisition
    - Ongoing asset management
    - Exit

  • Research, monitor, anticipate and act on global and local trends to make superior, forward-looking decisions.
  • Deal reasonably and transparently with all parties involved in investments (including clients, investors, investment partners and stakeholders) to maintain long-term, rewarding relationships.