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Commingled Funds

Through the provision of commingled funds, we aim to provide clients with risk diversification across different sectors and countries, as well as exposure to infrastructure investments that may otherwise be too large to access directly. The objective of the strategy is to aggregate a portfolio of investments to generate returns commensurate with the requirements of our investors.
Our investment strategy for its commingled funds is to:

  • Invest in a diversified portfolio of infrastructure assets, development projects and related service businesses across various infrastructure sectors, life cycle phases and geographies, with a focus on mature assets in the developed world, which  offer the potential to deliver attractive returns through a combination of capital appreciation and cash yield income.
  • Target investments in which the Fund can obtain meaningful influence over the asset management, governance, business strategy, capital and legal structure.
  • Capitalise on our infrastructure investment team’s track record, in addition to accessing the necessary global deal flow.
  • Actively manage individual investments and the portfolio overall, leveraging the team’s extensive experience in the full life-cycle of infrastructure investment management.