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Separate Accounts

Separate account mandates offer our clients the opportunity to customise their access to the infrastructure market. On behalf of our clients, we develop customised separate account mandates focused on investment opportunities in their preferred geographies and sectors.
We take the following steps to develop a separate account portfolio strategy:

Stage 1 - Needs Analysis Stage 2 - Strategy Formulation Stage 3 - Implementation
Identify our client's key economic, non-economic and structural investment objectives as they relate to an investment in infrastructure assets Use our proprietary framework to determine target allocations across the revenue, lifecycle and risk profile of infrastructure assets. From this analysis, we  determine a model infrastructure portfolio that is designed to meet the clients' needs identified in Stage 1 Overlay our client's existing infrastructure portfolio (where applicable) over the model infrastructure portfolio to determine what "gaps" exist in terms of risk/return profile, and sector and geographic allocation. A detailed investment and ongoing asset management plan is then developed

Mandates can be structured to provide varying levels of control over the decision making process, from active engagement at each key decision making point around acquisition, asset management and divestment through to full discretionary mandates where we will pursue opportunities directly on our client’s behalf.